Sketchbooks and me

My name is Matti Amnell and currently I live in Helsinki, Finland.  In the past I have lived in Toronto and Paris.

Everywhere I go, I keep a little sketchbook with me.

They contain doodles, ideas for paintings, phone numbers and lists of things, but mostly they are full of fast drawings of things I’ve seen, drawn on the spot.

I’ve tried to keep scanning them, going back to the 80s:

Here is a short history of my sketchbooks:

Sketchbook Toronto 1982 – Self portrait with Pre-Raphaelite hair
Seated figure, reading. Sketchbook Toronto 1985
Subway scene, Sketchbook Toronto 1985
Sketchbook Rotterdam 1985
Buddhas at the Royal Ontario Museum, Sketchbook Toronto 1985
Bibliothèque Fornay, Sketchbook Paris 1988
Old Saame at the railway station, Sketchbook Helsinki 1989
Watercolour Sketchbook, Äkäslompolo, 1989 September 06
Weather studies, Helsinki 1989-90
Watercolour Sketchbook, Hämeenlinna 1990
The domestic tourist, Helsinki 1991
Travel sketchbooks
Helsinki sketchbook: Sunny Windowsill full of Cacti
Train passengers, Helsinki 2009
Studies of a single view over time


One thought on “Sketchbooks and me

  1. Hi, I am part of the Dublin Design Collective who are representing Ireland in the Everyday Discoveries exhibition in Helsinki in September as part of the World Design Capital programme. I recently came across your blog and thought it was fantastic. would you like to take part in our exhibition? We have done a short survey about the city here; Thank, Iseult

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