Luminous fogbank sliding in from the sea

In the spring when the sea melts, we sometimes see very bright fog clouds.
This one rolled in very fast, stayed for a few minutes then retreated.

Seen from my office window in Espoo, looking over the bay towards Helsinki.


Alberga Manor, Espoo – the Sugar Castle

I often pass through the grounds of this pink manor house on my way to work. As the weather was nice I decided to draw it.

There has been a manor on this site since 1620. This latest incarnation was built in 1876. I don’t know if this neo-renaissance building bears any resemblance to the original. It’s also known as ‘Sugar Castle’ as its owner Feodor Kiseleff made his wealth trading sugar, and wood from sugar crates was used in its construction.

The first frost of the year melting into mist in the morning sun

The title sounds like a bad parody of a Japanese poem, but it’s simply a description of what’s happening in the picture.

A very quick watercolour of the view from my office window, done before starting work.

The clearing in the middle right is a golf course, all frosted over. In the distance you can see a heating plant chimney (it heats up a whole neighbourhood) and the main radio tower in Pasila

A ray of sunlight during a rainstorm

Mixed media on paper.

There was a break in the clouds and the sun transformed the highway into a river of gold.

I spent my lunch hour trying to capture the effect.

This is a view from the city of Espoo towards Helsinki. The little peaks you can just barely make out behind the bay are in downtown Helsinki. In the summer I come to work by bicycle, on a bike path running in the woods on the right side of the highway, over a series of little islands.

Phone doodles at work

I have many long phone conferences, so I doodle. Normally I sketch what I see from my office window.

Sketchbook_August 10, 2010_1, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Sketchbook_August 11, 2010_2, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Roadworks under my office window in Espoo, Finland.

Phone doodle 19.8.2010, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

There are benefits to really long and pointless teleconferences.