The rain it raineth every day…

Sketchbook_Paris_1991_032, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Second day of heavy rain, and more to come.
My plans of sketching outside have to be postponed.
James Gurney has a great list of other things going awry when doing art en plein air:
Gamestoppers on Gurney Journey

So, here’s a post of houseplants – in many ways the ideal model, as they never move or get impatient.






Helsinki sketchbook: Sunny Windowsill full of Cacti

As my day job grew more and more demanding, I had no time to paint. I realised I had to start sketching once more, simply to keep my artist self alive.

Inspired by Danny Gregory’s “Creative Licence”, I started drawing objects around me. It’s something I had done before, but not as a conscious exercise.