Art Nouveau apartment buildings, Helsinki

Corner of Bulevardi and Fredrikinkatu.

It’s getting cold, so this might be my last outdoor sketch of the year. If the weather stays sunny and I get myself a pair of fingerless gloves I might squeeze off a few more.


Travel Sketchbook – Stockholm

The view from our hotel window, on Sturegatan.

Skeppsholmen, Stockholm

It was a great and sunny fall day, so I stopped to draw the view. The next day we visited the East Asian museum to see the Terracotta Warriors, and the best new Swedish art show at the Museum of Modern Art, both located on this island
Gamla Stan and The Royal Palace, Stockholm

Beautiful sunset on the old town, seen from the courtyard of the East Asian Museum.
Louie Louie, Stockholm

We stopped at this hip café while walking around in Södermalm, a young and artistic neighbourhood.

The Old Church, Helsinki

The Old Church, Helsinki, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

This wooden church was built in 1826 to serve as a temporary structure while the older cathedral was demolished and a new stone church was built to replace it.

The architect was Carl Ludvig Engel. He was responsible for most of the neo-classical buildings in the historical centre of Helsinki.

It’s almost impossible to draw this church from the front in the summer because of the big trees. It’s the same “Plague park” as here and here.

The first frost of the year melting into mist in the morning sun

The title sounds like a bad parody of a Japanese poem, but it’s simply a description of what’s happening in the picture.

A very quick watercolour of the view from my office window, done before starting work.

The clearing in the middle right is a golf course, all frosted over. In the distance you can see a heating plant chimney (it heats up a whole neighbourhood) and the main radio tower in Pasila

Park Improvements, Etelä-Haaga

All summer I’ve been wondering how I would paint this little construction site.
It was interesting but somehow bland and uniform.
This morning the first red leaves appeared and the problem was solved.

Working in the city gardens is a very popular summer job for university students in Helsinki, but the men and women working in this park look like seasoned professionals.
All summer as I went by on by bicycle on my way to work, I would see them sitting under that purple parasol, drinking their morning coffee. I couldn’t help but think to the end of the movie “Office Space” and how much nicer it would be to be working outside in the sun, and actually get something real done.
A side note: There’s a stream behind the hedge at the back with a rare trout spawning ground that became polluted with raw sewage a few weeks back. Let’s hope they survive…

Phone doodles at work

I have many long phone conferences, so I doodle. Normally I sketch what I see from my office window.

Sketchbook_August 10, 2010_1, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Sketchbook_August 11, 2010_2, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Roadworks under my office window in Espoo, Finland.

Phone doodle 19.8.2010, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

There are benefits to really long and pointless teleconferences.