Travel Sketchbooks 2010: The view from Ile Verte at low tide

A small island in the St-Lawrence river that you can only reach during high tide. Around forty inhabitants and passing whales. This is the south coast, green and muddy. The north coast is colder and rocky.

Travel Sketchbook Malcesine 2009

Another great hiking holiday.
Mountains, a clear lake and Verona just a bus ride away.
Goethe got into trouble sketching this castle. He was suspected of being a spy studying the fortifications. Nowadays sketching it only draws mild curiosity…

The trail on top of the ridge of Monte Baldo, as seen from the top Cima Delle Pozzette (2132m). Done during a pause while hiking.

Travel Sketchbook, Söll 2009

Sketchbook_Söll_2009_006, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Clouds moving in at sunset.
Söll, Austria.
Watercolour and gouache in a small Moleskine.

Sketchbook_Söll_2009_010, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Sketchbook_Söll_2009_002-2, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Sketchbook_Söll_2009_004, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

Travel Sketchbooks

After a while routines started to settle, and I drew less and less of my everyday surroundings.

Just as people normally don’t snap hundreds of photos on their way to work, but photograph everything they see when on holiday, my sketchbooks became synonymous with travel journals.

Filofax 2003 Montréal, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

When on holiday, I drew on everything at hand, including my Filofax.

Hakone – Lake Ashi and Mt Fuji. After three days of waiting in the mist, suddenly the clouds parted in the morning.

The hotel’s room service menu included the following item: Watercolor kit so you can paint your own views of Mt. Fuji.
I found the idea of ordering painting supplies from room service great I had to do it. The kit proved to be as good as their breakfasts.
We still have the waterbrush that came with it.

Sketchbook Rotterdam 1985

Sketchbook Rotterdam 1985, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier.

I started taking a sketchbook with me when traveling.
This one was done with aquarelle pencils and gesso from the window of a house we stayed at in Rotterdam. It was my teacher who had recommended adding gesso to my brush to tone down the colours of watercolour pencils.